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Coming Here: Being Here

Coming Here: Being Here.

Sept 2017- Feb 2018

Coming Here, Being Here: Archiving British Somali presence in the East End of London.

Funded by Tower Hamlets Council Somali Task Force and delivered over 5 months; from 23rd September 2017 – 28th February 2018 , this project has two key strands; to engage with, gather and share the stories of people in the Somali community and to train 10-15 local people to design and deliver the workshops and events that make up the archival process.
The experiences of resilience and adaptation that chart the journeys to life and work building communities in East London, will be captured and mapped via Numbi’s interactive, multi -arts approaches. These include history walks, arts workshops, digital mapping, film and photography.
The programme interweaves the many talents of arts practitioners, communication heritage professionals and Numbi partners. This includes filmmakers, archivist’s ,visual artists, writers, architects and storytellers. The project culminates in an exhibition and a live celebratory event.

Numbi Archive is an ongoing research project investigating contemporary arts practice from pre-civil war Somalia to the present day Diaspora. This living heritage which is performed day to day, is not limited and delineated by artistic canons, disciplines and professions. Rather, it is characterised by how people use art and culture. This includes popular and mass culture, in a free and self-determined way, re-configuring, sampling and mixing what they find, enjoying the exchange and re-enactments.

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