Relax and Rejuvenate.

Holistic healing retreats, connecting wellness with creativity.

Numbi Arts and Relax and Rejuvenate Health and Wellness (RnR) have teamed up to bring you a unique and refreshing cultural experience.
How often do we take time out for ourselves and really provide our bodies and mind with nourishing food and creative stimulation that is both relaxing, rejuvenating and has a healing effect?

Numbi Artist Collab

A series of events and workshops across language, culture, geography, literary, performative, filmic, poetic, musical and visual.

Each year we set up a provocation, an invitation for artists to join us on the retreat to facilitate mutual learning. Along side our resident artists, special guests, local artists and community including Sandele Arts group and Sofola band.

Arts & Crafts

Traditional Crafts
Market stalls
Local Tailors
Site – specific exhibition
Creative Writing
Popup Library
Film Nights


Guided meditation
2 day guided juice fast
Yoga twice a day
Kemetic Yoga workshops with Yirser Ra Hotep of Yoga Skills

Gambia 2018

Gambia 2017

Featured Artists

Imruh Bukari

Imruh Bukari

Writer Film Maker We are honoured to have Imruh Bakari back with us this 2019

Sai Murray

Sai Murray

writer, poet, graphic designer

Francis Gomez

Francis Gomez

Gambian Artist

Kazi Ruksana Begum

Kazi Ruksana Begum

Film Maker and Producer and Jainaba Sanyang Textile Artist

Time To Write: Making Room, Moving Body

The Gambia. This proved the richly fulfilling and rejuvenating experience I had hoped: an opportunity to collaborate with other artists from the diaspora and on the continent, and to connect with heritage, global family, the land, and people. - Sai Murray


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